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The Emotions Mentor® Podcast.
Join me and other mental health experts as we deep dive into the intricacies and importance of Emotional Health. We talk about how you can manage your emotions, improve your mental health, and become more successful in your life.

Emotional Pain: Are Your Thoughts Impacting Your Health?

Can your thoughts and beliefs impact your health?  What does your thought pattern or your family belief system tell you?  Open your mind to the idea that thoughts and patterns can have a direct correlation to your health.  If this is true, can you change your belief to heal?  Find out in today's podcast. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho LISTEN. ...

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness

We’re  kicking off mental health month by helping you break cycles of unhealthy behavior by unlearning the patterns that keep you stuck.  Start by asking yourself some tough questions to increase your awareness. Your happiness is your responsibility.  Let’s help you to throw out whats not working and bring in what is working. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speak...

Done Is Better Than Perfect

Perfection leads to procrastination. Using the 80/20 rule, it's more important to get things done than it is to get them done perfectly. Remember, failure is the catalyst to growth. DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT.   Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Nick Hintze LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Science is the Best: 5 Proven Ways to Make You Genuinely Happier

What is the Science of Happiness? In this episode, you will take away 5 exercises that WORK to improve your happiness. How do you effectively reframe your situation to find your happy place? Join us, and we will spill all the tea!  Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Callie Steuer LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

You Don't Need to Know Everything

It's time for a reality check for your mental health.  Take a break from the information overload and focus on the things that you can influence.  Focus on love, serving and healing. Sharon Ho joins Rebecca and offers some strong advice for living stress free during wartime! Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Structural Support for Depression

Let's change the way we look at and talk about depression. There are many ways to support your body and your brain and do so naturally. If you are dealing with mood issues, listen as our guest, Laura Jacobs chats with Rebecca to offer insight and potential solutions for you!   Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Laura Jacobs LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Simple and Easy-To-Do Hacks for Managing Stress

Do you want to find simple and easy-to-do hacks for managing stress?  Join Emotions Mentor founder, Rebecca Hintze and Emotions Mentor Coach, Lisa Bergman, as they discuss tried and tested ways to help you ground, reset and reframe your thoughts and emotions in these crazy times. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Lisa Bergman LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOT...

Spring Forward with Your Mental Health

Let's pull some weeds from your mental health garden!  Spring is a time to look forward to new things, new growth and the abundance that warmer weather brings. But why stop with your physical world, let's discover ways to pick the weeds from your brain and grow a mental garden that thrives! Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN...

You’re Going to Want to STOP THAT and START THIS

STOP - START Yeah, want to hear what ‘things’ you should stop doing to ease stress and things you should start doing to manage your happiness.  Join Marketing Guru, Nicole Benson, and Professional Dancer, Alexis Warr-Burton, as they discuss things they do as millennials to manage their emotions and set the stage for an abundant and super fun life. Host: Rebe...

Ditch And Switch Stress Hacks

Life is already stressful, add crisis and wartime and this leaves us feeling heartbroken and overwhelmed.  Not knowing how to take control of the situation and doing nothing will only make your stress worse. In this episode, Jessica and Rebecca let you know what you need to ditch and switch in your life for building emotional strength. Find top stress-bustin...

You Do You & I'll Do Me

How do we love and accept others when the choices they make feel wrong or destructive to us?  Sharon and Rebecca discuss why it's important to let others make their own choices and how to deal with that if you get hurt by their choices.  You do you, and I'll do me. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho LISTEN TO APPLE LISTEN TO SPOTIFY

Secrets to Experience Love

Feeling loved and appreciated can be challenging sometimes.  Listen as Rebecca and Teresa offer some real-life experiences that may help you to be more open for real love.  These secrets are simple and you can implement them into your life today. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Teresa Linder LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

What Does It Mean to BE IN LOVE?

Sharon Ho is back and helps us understand love by answering these two questions.  How do you get the love you want?  What does it really mean to "BE IN LOVE”? Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Love Your Body

Love is more than skin deep and our emotions act as energy in the body. Learn simple steps you can take to STOP, THINK and FEEL.  Our body is a wise being, listen to it and love yourself in meaningful ways that bring health, joy and peace.  Host: Rebecca HIntze Guest Speaker: Arianna Pienaar LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Tangible Ways To Practice Self Love

What is Self Love? …For some, it's not what you think. Join Rebecca Hintze as she discusses healthy ways to love yourself, to meet your needs and to be the change that the world needs so much right now. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Shane Hintze

Tiny Habits, Great Rewards

Learn simple ways to make goals and crush them!   Three "R's" lead to great success, Reminder, Routine, Reward.   What does that mean? Listen to this weeks podcast to learn how simple and effective it is to make big changes.   Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Teresa Linder LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

The Power Of Smiling

Dr. David Steuer joins Rebecca Hintze to talk about the Power of the Smile.   Smiling is a simple neuro-hack to increase all the feel-good chemicals to brain.   Smiling can make or break someones day and it costs you nothing.   So smile more, be confident and be happy.   Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Dr. David Steuer LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

3 Simple Truths to Create Happiness

Anyone: Want to be happy?  Me: … Duh! Yes, Please! This EM Episode: Here are 3 Simple Truths! Join Shane and Rebecca Hintze as they discuss three things that could change your life.  Don't let this year be the same as all the rest, dig in, do the work, break down those walls and learn how to create an abundance of joy and happiness. Host: Rebecca Hintze Gues...

Genie In A Bottle

You don’t always get what you want…. OR DO YOU? In this episode, Rebecca and Sharon share some secrets on how to truly manifest what you want. It’s all about the process of narrowing down specifics as to what you are manifesting. Learn how you get out of your own way. Ask yourself and answer some hard questions and find out what you want most.  Host: Rebecca...

Inspect and Reflect

Come what may and love it! At the end of this year, we invite you to reflect on your successes and failures. Reframe your failures as lessons gain understanding of what to do in the future. Success comes when you keep going, keep trying and keep learning. It's the best time of the year to receive some great insight on setting goals for the new year!  Host: R...