Rebecca is a family gal! 

After that, she's professionally considered a guru in the field of mental health, specializing in family issues and emotional intelligence. She's also a leading educator, teaching families world wide about how to use essential oils to change health and mindset. 

She is the creator of the Emotions Mentor, an emotional intelligence course series, and she’s the author of the international bestselling books, Healing Your Family History, Essentially Happy, Essential Oils for Happy Living, and Emotions and Essential Oils: an A-Z Guide.  Today, Rebecca speaks to audiences worldwide on how to use essential oils to change mind and mood, heal family patterns, overcome destructive behavior, increase emotional intelligence, manage health care naturally, and resolve family conflict.

Rebecca is a former broadcast journalist and she’s appeared on television and radio shows worldwide. She’s a graduate of Brigham Young University and the University of East London School of Psychology. Rebecca has been married for more than 30 years to Shane Hintze and together they have four grown children and three grandchildren. She resides between two homes, one in central London (UK), and one in Northern Virginia (USA).

Rebecca now leads groundbreaking work, researching and educating on emotional intelligence and natural solutions to change mood and behavior. Through teaching individuals and families how to manage their thinking, emotional patterns, and relationships, she is fulfilling her purpose of changing nations overtime by making powerful changes within individuals (who will influence the next generation).