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Emotional Intelligence

Did you know that emotional intelligence is a skill more crucial to success than IQ?

Become a Leader

I love working with kind, powerful, honest, reliable leaders who heal hearts and influence nations. 

Essential Oils

Nature's gift to mankind—PLANTS have changed my life, and now they can change yours!

Rebecca is a top leader and mental health professional. She specializes in guiding individuals, homes, and families toward improving mental health to "Influence a Nation" over time. 

Rebecca offers solutions for emotional wellness, natural solutions for self doubt, feelings of anxiousness, and support for healing destructive family patterns. The most important changes are those that we make inside ourselves, The more we become mentally and emotionally aware, the more we are able to help those around us and ultimately, affect a nation over time. 

Everyday, we send and receive verbal and nonverbal communication. With that communication, we have the ability to influence nations overtime. As a mental health professional, Rebecca know’s how important the messages we communicate are. That is why Rebecca has created online courses, books, podcast episodes, and blogs to influence the lives of many

These unique messages are there to lead thousands of individuals to make powerful, personal change and to recreate their lives through natural solutions and mindset shifts. Those who've applied her teachings have a legacy to leave on as those who love them are inspired to follow. 

Rebecca is the author of three bestselling books. She's the creator of Emotions Mentor (a coaching center for education on mental health), a public speaker, and professional educator. The former world-renowned, bestselling author and influencer of his time, Dr. Stephen R. Covey says of Rebecca's work, "Those who discover her teachings and act upon them will become powerful agents of positive change."

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