The Impact of “Play” on Brain Health and Happiness

Join us as we uncover the science-backed reasons behind play's significance in our lives. Discover how engaging in playfulness triggers essential neural pathways, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional well-being.

Our expert guests shed light on the psychological and neurological benefits of play, highlighting how it can act as a natural stress reliever, promoting mental clarity, and reducing anxiety. We'll also explore how playfulness in adults can cultivate stronger connections in personal and professional relationships.

Through compelling stories and real-life examples, we'll showcase the transformative power of play in enhancing our emotional resilience and overall life satisfaction.
Tune in as we share practical tips and techniques to incorporate more playfulness into your daily routine and experience the positive ripple effects.

Host: Rebecca Hintze
Guest Speakers: Nick Hintze, Chase Steuer, and Mike Hintze

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