Social Media's Impact on Our Emotional World

Social media and technology have a big impact in our emotional world. 

Overuse of social media can lead to unhealthy comparisons with others, jealousy, and even getting caught up in delusional thinking. We think going online to check Facebook or Instagram will make us feel better, but instead it makes us feel worse.
Despite this, we return to it again and again, always thinking that this time it will be different. (Sounds a little bit like addiction, doesn’t it?)

Lately, more and more doctors and psychologists are recommending that we unplug from social media in an effort to restore our emotional health. 

But simply unplugging won’t do much good if the time you create by doing so isn’t well spent. Fortunately, there are dozens and dozens of things you can do to make the time you spend away from social media restorative, relaxing, and beneficial to your overall well-being.

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