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Join me and other mental health experts as we deep dive into the intricacies and importance of Emotional Health. We talk about how you can manage your emotions, improve your mental health, and become more successful in your life.

5 Stages of Burnout: Spot and Take Action

Do you want to know what to expect with BURNOUT so you can avoid or overcome it? Burnout is actually a slow burn….there are 5 stages. We want you to be able to spot the emotional signs and symptoms and take action!  Listen to the end, Rebecca gives a valuable technique that you can implement right away!  Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Jessica Clack LIST...

How Can I Fix My Mental Health Fast?

You are not alone, we live in a world where most people have some degree of mental health struggles. So what can we do to boost our mental health fast and be successful? Most actions that we can do to help our mental health, we meet with resistance.  Rebecca shows how to overcome resistance and provides 8 things you can do everyday to improve your mental hea...

Moving Through The Steps Of Grief

We've all experienced it. We've all felt it. We all need to deal with it.  What is it? It's grief.  Rebecca shares the steps of grief and healthy ways that we can accept and move through grief. And we all need to move through it. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Shane Hintze LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Setting and Holding Boundaries

Hold up! This space is for good vibes only! How do you set healthy boundaries to protect your mental health? Do you need to set boundaries for others AND for yourself? Find out as Jen Poulson and Rebecca discuss the importance of self-responsibility and strong boundaries to create a safe and happy space for yourself. LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Oh look, a squirrel! Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. Is it real?  Do you get distracted easily?  There might be some answers as to why your ability to focus on a goal is compromised.  Rebecca is joined by Jen Poulson, a personal coach who offers insights in this fascinating discussion. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Jen Poulson LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON S...

The Impact Of Birth Order

We're going to have some fun today! We're talking about birth order and the role it may play in your personality.  There are many factors beyond birth order, but generally the order of birth in your family will have an impact on how you do life.  It's worth having a listen and seeing if you relate. Remember, the more you know, the better you cope. Host: Rebe...

I Am So Offended!

I am SO offended!!!  Does your brain boil? Do you spend time planning your revenge? Do you lash out and make it worse?  Rebecca and Teresa Linder have a very real conversation and offer ways to deal with this in real time going forward.  Life-changing tips coming your way.  LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

What Is The Amygdala Hijack?

Have you ever flipped out all of the sudden and got so mad it made you wonder where that came from?  Has anyone done that to you?  Learn the psychology behind why and what we can do when that happens to move back to a place of peace, love, and understanding.   Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

If You Can Believe It, You Can Receive It!

Believe and it will be - Really, is it that easy?  Join Rebecca and Sharon Ho as they guide you through exercises that allow you to tap into different parts of your brain.  If mastered, you can learn how to allow everything to work out for you! Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Needs vs Wants

Hmmm... Do I need this? Or do I want that? Asking yourself questions can help you to understand the difference between your needs and wants.  What should you prioritise and what should you pursue? Sharon Ho joins Rebecca this week for an insightful discussion on aligning your needs and wants with an element of gratitude. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: S...

Building Relationships of Trust

The ole saying, “The house won’t fall when the bones are good!” Trust is a hard thing to win and an easy thing to lose. Trust is one of the most important factors in a relationship.  It may be quite obvious, but have a listen and you may find new ideas for building trust and stronger relationships. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Shane Hintze LISTEN ON A...

Self Care: The Most Important Thing YOU Can Do Right Now

Who needs a little self care? We all do! Let’s discuss what self care looks like. It's likely that it's much different than you think. Is it meditation?  Is it massages? Or is it something different that will have lifelong implications and create a healthy mentally stable life?  Tune in to find out! Host: Rebecca Hintze  Guest Speaker: Shane Hintze LISTEN ON...

Why Your Friends Are More Important Than You Think

Do you want to know why friendships are important?  Friendships are the reason we thrive, it the reason we've progressed socially and even flown to the moon.  Without friendships, we can survive, but don't we want to thrive?  Join us for a multi generational discussion about the importance of connection as it relates to your mental health. Host: Rebecca Hint...

Use Your Anger To Your Advantage

Say what? Anger can be good? Join Marie Castello and Teresa Linder as they discuss healthy ways to deal with anger and turn it into personal growth opportunities.  This is also a good time to learn forgiveness of self and of others. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speakers: Marie Castello, Teresa Linder LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

10 Ways to Get Through A Hard Time

You asked. We answer! We are answering your questions in this episode! Our most frequently asked question is, How do I get through a really hard time? Listen and get cozy as Rebecca provides you with 10 tips.  We want to interact with you more! Send us your questions for another Q&A segment soon.  LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

The Role of a Father, Partner and Male

Let’s talk about how to show up as a man and be the best you can be.  How do you balance work, family and recreation while maintaining a healthy balance with all three?  Listen as Dr. Heletsi and Rebecca offers his insights and solutions for getting more of what you want. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Andre Heletsi  LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN  ON SPOTIFY

Understanding Men- Is It Possible?

Do men have issues?   Probably, but in a relationship, how do we understand them enough to fix them?   Is it possible to get what you need and give what is needed in a relationship?   Have a listen to Jen Poulson and Rebecca Hintze as they discuss the beautiful dance that will bring happiness to your relationships.   Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Jen P...

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves! Are they helping you, hurting you, sabotaging you?   Join us this week as Jen Poulson and Rebecca Hintze teach us how to recognize and peel back, layer by layer, the hurt, pain, anger and sadness that could be telling you it's time to heal.   Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Jen Poulson LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

How to Stop Judging Yourself and Others

Let's talk about the one thing that could change the world.  What is that one thing? It's Judgement.  How do we move away from judgement and move into discernment? Rebecca and Sharon dive into the topic in a way that moves you to self-love and when we love ourselves, we can love others more easily. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho LISTEN ON APPL...

Anxiety Busters

Tackle your triggers in today’s episode. Talking about your triggers, acknowledging them, understanding them and letting go can be life changing.  Rebecca and Hillary guide us through things you can do right now to make a difference in your life and how you deal with anxiety. Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speaker: Hillary LaMay LISTEN ON APPLE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY