Emotions are one of the greatest tools we have available to help us understand ourselves, our environment, and our relationships. Many fear emotions, and yet we all have them! And all of them (both positive and the negative emotions) provide incredible data that pivot us to grow, excel, and create what we want most in this life. Ignoring emotions is deadly. Loving them makes life beautiful and joyful. Learning from them makes us wise and empowered.

Become an Emotions Mentor Coach

Did you know that emotional intelligence is more crucial to success than IQ? Join Rebecca Hintze in her Emotions Mentor Certification Course, and get certified in the practice of personal emotional processing. 

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What's the Emotions Mentor?


Coaching Course 

Coaching in the US is forecasted to grow to almost $8 billion by 2022. When you graduate from our program you'll feel up-to-date in the field of psychology, skilled with tools that create powerful personal change, and capable of starting your own coaching business.

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Healing Your Family History

Have you ever wondered why some families struggle to have happy marriages, or have such difficult interactions? Take a look at their family history.

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Good Mood Bootcamp 

It's time to take charge of your mental and emotional wellness, and discover the strategies to create a happier, more vibrant lifestyle* with the Good Mood Bootcamp.

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Rebecca & Emotions

Having spent more than 20 years working in the mental health field, Rebecca discovered one of the main reasons that people struggle achieving emotional success: lack of emotional intelligence. Her expertise and experience has allowed her to develop and master emotional processing techniques to help people reach emotional success. 

With a Masters of Science in Psychology from the University of East London and 20+ years of experience in the field, Rebecca has enjoyed developing content to help individuals be free from emotional bondage and find the joy and peace that they seek in life.

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