I Believe in YOU!

YOU have what it takes to Lead & Succeed!

Are you ready to shine your light and live your dream? 

If so, I'm ready to help you!   


Does this sound like you?


I'm willing to be dedicated and focused and I'm willing to learn and apply business building strategies!

Health Nut

I'm interested in wellness and I love the idea of building a community that could have global impact!


I may not always feel confident, but I'm willing to push through my insecurities and focus on serving!


Lead and Succeed is designed to help you build your health and wellness business from the ground up.

You'll learn the following:

  • Health and Wellness Education 
  • Plant Based Medicine
  • Presenting and Broadcasting Skills
  • Online and Social Media Marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Networking Secrets
  • Qualities of Top Performers
  • Emotional Intelligence Research
  • Building a Team
  • Attracting and Working with Leaders
  • Money Mindset
  • Wealth Management
  • And more ...

Lead and Succeed is designed to help you grow as an individual and to help you become a top performer in life and business.

You'll receive the following:

  • A Personal Mentor
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Specific Schedule to Follow
  • Strategy Training
  • Access to our Money Mastermind Group
  • Health Coaching for YOU
  • A Daily Routine for Your Health
  • And more ...

Lead and Succeed guides you through a weekly schedule that you can adjust to fit your lifestyle.

A sample schedule will look as follows:

  • Daily Personal Development Time (flexible)
  • Daily Study Time (flexible)
  • Weekly Educational Class (1 hour of Essential Oils and Health Basics)
  • Weekly Leadership and Strategy Session (1 hour)
  • Weekly Money Mastermind Call (1 hour)
  • Product Sharing and Teaching (flexible)
  • Personal Mentoring (30 min)

Lead and Succeed offers you the opportunity to build a home based business with unlimited potential.

You can expect these potential outcomes:

  • Earning residual income (amount based on personal goals and amount of time spent)
  • Building a team of leaders world-wide
  • Opportunity to be an influencer in the field of health and wellness
  • Improved health habits
  • Increased education on both physical and mental health
  • Improved money mindset
  • Humanitarian service opportunities
  • Ability to positively impact the lives of others

Lead and Succeed is valued at $10,000 and it's FREE to those who join doTERRA through Lead and Succeed.

Here's your pathway for enrolling with doTERRA via Lead and Succeed:

$197 USD   £162 or €178 ... a total savings of $10,035... this option gives you a FREE doTERRA membership (including a book from doTERRA) plus a kit of 10 different 5ml bottles of certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils known to help resolve up to 70% of home health care needs. 
  • You'll get from doTERRA your wholesale membership (savings of $35) plus the following CPTG grade essential oils:
    • lavender
    • lemon
    • peppermint
    • frankincense
    • melaleuca
    • oregano
    • doTERRA's proprietary blends of OnGuard, Breathe, Deep Blue, and Digestzen
  • You'll get from Lead & Succeed (savings of $10,035):
    • a 15ml bottle of Wild Orange essential oil (value $10 wholesale)
    • a Modern Essentials book (we call it the bible of essential oils valued over $25)
    • Lead and Succeed for FREE (valued over $10k of leadership and health and wellness training)

Lead and Succeed is built upon doTERRA's Wellness Advocate Platform.

We choose dōTERRA because:

  • There's a health care crisis worldwide and doTERRA's plant-based solutions model is the most effective natural solutions option available in the marketplace
  • The compensation plan is built for long-term retention and residual income stability
  • The company is privately owned, debt-free, more than a decade old, and currently a 2+ billion dollar global company
  • Forbes Magazine rated doTERRA as one of the top 10 companies to work with
  • doTERRA boasts a 65% retention rate of their customers
  • Their Co-Impact sourcing objective means farmers world-wide are receiving more than fair pay and many communities are coming out of poverty because of doTERRA's presence
  • They conduct 3rd party testing and in-house their science center conducts over 40 tests on products to assure purity and potency ... overall, their testing is beyond what any company in the marketplace is doing
  • doTERRA works side by side with hospitals and doctors to conduct cutting edge medical research (including hospitals such as Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, the University of Utah, Washington University, and more)
  • doTERRA's health care products are based on sound principles of health and when you work as a wellness advocate along side them you're teaching critical health information that is life-changing for homes and families
  • doTERRA's products work and tend to solve about 70% of health care needs naturally
  • The product line is based on consumables that will be used for generations for those who get started with them
  • doTERRA's loyal buying program is outstanding and keeps and maintains long-term customers
  • The business model is an education model rather than a recruit and sell model
  • The compensation plan is meant to build and develop leaders who succeed
  • Some of the best people in all the world represent doTERRA!

Join us for Lead and Succeed!



  • What Your Journey Will 
    Look Like in Lead & Succeed!
  • You'll Receive...

 Personalized instruction on how to launch a home based business with doTERRA 
  In-depth university level education on natural solutions for health care for FREE!
   Strategic support for rapid growth provided by million dollar earners 
  Social media, branding, and marketing training with leading experts
   Lifetime continuing education (CE credits may apply)
   Personal mentor
   Support with uncovering your inner-most dreams 
   Money management support including guidance on wealth creation
   Vision on how to make your dreams reality!

You've got this!

We'll help YOU!

You've wanted this for a long time--financial freedom and a chance to lead, but you have no idea how to start? We have a proven step-by-step blueprint that will take you straight to the top!

Let's do this together! 

You're not alone!

We're better together, it's true! Teamwork trumps and we know exactly what to do. We'll be working together so you'll never feel all alone! Are you teachable and ready for a community of collaborators? If so, you've found your home!

Love what you do, learn, and grow!

Learning is fun! Come to understand the world of online marketing, selling products, and leading a team- it's a blast! We've got you! Learning the ropes will be simple!


Why doTERRA and the health and wellness industry? 

I’ve spent years learning about natural ways to improve mood and health through the amazing benefits of doTERRA essential oils.    

We live in a world that needs change. Our bodies are a gift and learning to love and care for them is our gateway to happiness

Meanwhile, it just so happens that the health care industry is a many trillion dollar market place!

I've chosen to get involved in the health and wellness industry with doTERRA because it is the only industry that has the power to change lives in such a unique way and doTERRA is by far the best company to work with in the industry!
Through finding natural solutions and improving health, we are able to  reach our true potential. 
It is only when this happens that we are free to have the energy and strength to make the impact we want to make and fully experience all the joys that life has to offer  

Living a healthy life means living a free life If you have the same desire to lead others down this life-changing path, then join our Lead and Succeed program!


Rebecca Hintze is a treasured lifetime friend and business partner. 
Her brilliance shines in her unique ideas and strategy and 
one of her greatest gifts is her passion for loving on those around her!"

- Laura Jacobs, Health and Wellness Expert

About Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc.

Rebecca Hintze (Masters of Science, Psychology) is a best-selling author, national speaker, and one of the top woman-owned business leaders in the natural health and wellness industry. 

With a background in television broadcasting and over 20 years of experience counseling and coaching individuals, her influence has reached worldwide.


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“Lead and Succeed is absolutely phenomenal! Rebecca's creative strategy and mentoring always leaves me feeling more confident and sure of myself. She is so kind! I am so grateful I joined and that she is my mentor!”

— Brooke Bergman,
Beauty and Health Coach

“People pay thousands of dollars for the kind of mentoring and leadership that Rebecca offers through Lead and Succeed!  She knows success and has the formula and is willing to share it selflessly!” 

— Tyler Martin,
Online Marketing Genius

“I have a new passion to help others create the life they want by learning to love themselves and others. I will be forever deeply grateful for this wonderful opportunity to work with Rebecca.”

— Ashley Beans,
Health Coach and Stay-At-Home Mom
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