Diffuser Recipes

Have you experienced the impact of aromatherapy?
Get diffuser essential oil recipes for the mind, body and soul!

Why Diffuse

  1. Your body contains over 1,000 receptors for smell
  2. Influence the feeling of your environment and, more powerfully, your own emotions.
  3. Purify the air in your home.
  4. Maintain feelings of clear breathing
  5. Minimize the effects of seasonal threats.

How to Diffuse

  1. Ultrasonic diffuser, put cool tap water to the fill line and add desired EO drops to the water. 
  2. Try adding a few drops of essential oil to your palms and cup them over your nose while you inhale. 
  3. Add some drops of oil to a glass spray-bottle with water and spritz around the room.
The combinations of essential oils you can diffuse are endless. And, like each of you, they are as unique as you would like them to be. Check out our posts on creating blends to see what scents go well together.