Managing Emotions

Decades ago, when I took my first class about managing emotions, I learned a long list of negative emotions. I memorized them as part of my homework, and to this day, I can still run through that list in my mind in a matter of seconds. 

They are: "Overwhelm, fear, terror, guilt, shame, anger, burden, betrayal, jealousy, judgment, resentment, low self-worth, sadness, feeling out of control, needing to control, and hate."

Today, when I teach workshops, I review both negative and positive emotions and I ask the class to help me write them out on a white board. All the originals (above) appear each time. These are a solid list of the destructive, negative emotions that universally affect each and everyone of us-- regardless of our individual stories.

With the advances of medical science in our century, today we are well aware of destructive substances that hurt our bodies and ruin our minds. 

We could list them out as well. And had I attended medical school, I'm sure I'd have a running list of them inside my mind that I could rattle out in seconds.

Let me tell you, there is not much difference between some destructive, physical substances and some destructive, negative emotions. As my friend, Peggy McColl, wrote in her book, Your Destiny Switch:

"Negative feelings are so powerful that they can be dangerous to your mental and physical health. They may even affect you at the cellular level, causing disease and premature aging. 

In fact, the state of anger, hatred, or resentment is a form of death. If you give in to negative emotions consistently, you can actually die of a broken heart or become so enraged or upset that you suffer a fatal heart attack."  

There are many essential oil that can help you manage destructive emotions quickly and effectively.  

First, when experiencing negative thoughts try using one of dōTERRA's emotional blends found in their Emotional Aromatherapy Kit.  You can simply pick which oil to try by identifying your emotions on the wheel found in the beautiful packaging.

The truth is, happy people are optimistic people and they do have a track record of living longer, looking younger, and having fewer health problems. Happy people do not allow destructive emotions to run ramped through their minds and bodies daily.  

While we have the opportunity to change our emotions and choose different responses, there is a positive in these otherwise destructive, emotions. 

Here's how they can serve you if you let them.

Negative emotions are signals to other problems. View your mind and body as a robotic computer for a moment. Imagine that a negative emotion is equal to a red, flashing light, indicating a core problem in your operating system. 

Perhaps your negative emotions indicate a weakness in the body/mind, or a limiting belief system or a false perception that's got you stuck. 

Sometimes we become addicted to negative emotions because we think deep down they get us something--like love, attention, or sympathy (an illusion).

When negative emotions are observed and attended to in this way, these emotions can become terrific warning signals to our complex mind, body, and conscious. However, when they are ignored, suppressed, or denied, they will destroy, eventually.

Personal Empowerment, notice your negative emotions. If you're able to switch them quickly by thinking positively-do it! If not, explore the root of these emotions. 

See where they lead you and work to heal them at their origin. And be sure to use your essential oils regularly to assist you!

Have a happy and emotionally balanced week!

Best wishes,

Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc.

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