How Can We Use Affirmations To Make Changes?

How can we use affirmations to make changes? 

We use positive affirmations to mold the details of our lives into something more desirable.

Just saying something is true doesn’t make it so—especially if you don’t believe it. Sure, you can fake it till you make it. Things do sink in after a while. But the best way to use affirmations is to enhance them by:

1) Speaking them aloud (so we hear them)
2) Using present tense language (I am vs. I will)
3) Linking them with emotion (supercharge affirmations)

~Tip~  If you find it difficult to believe an affirmation will materialize, add “I choose to” to the affirmation. “I choose to be at a healthy weight,” for example, or, “I choose to maintain a healthy weight easily and effortlessly.” 

Self-affirmations, positive statements, or self-scripts can condition the subconscious mind so that we can develop a more positive perception of ourselves. Affirmations can help us to change harmful behaviors or accomplish goals, and they can also help undo the damage caused by negative scripts, those things which we repeatedly tell ourselves (or which others repeatedly tell us) that contribute to a negative self-perception. Affirmations are easy to create and use, but you’ll need dedication to make them work.

Here are 14 affirmations for change you can try using essential oils. 

To Promote Clarity of Mind
Oil Protocol: Blend 4 drops frankincense and 2 drops wild orange.
Application: Use in a spritzer bottle to spritz the air around you and apply to the back of the neck, breathe deeply; put in a capsule and ingest; or apply directly to the throat and neck area in an upward motion.
Affirmations: I trust that I can hear and understand my innermost thoughts clearly. I own my thoughts. I think positively. I enjoy initiating good feelings instead of reacting to old patterns. Everything works out smoothly for me.

To Generate a Positive Attitude and Focus
Oil Protocol: Blend 4 drops bergamot and lemon with 3 drops of basil and geranium.
Application: Diffuse and breathe deeply or rub on the back of the neck and up the front of the throat from the sternum while focusing on the following affirmation at least 3 times a day.
Affirmation: I trust myself to make good decisions for me. I find that the goals I set are very achievable and I easily manage the outcome. I am more comfortable with succeeding each day.

To Accept Your Gifts and Talents
Oil Protocol: Blend 3 drops each of cilantro, myrrh, siberian fir , and ylang ylang, with 2 drops wild orange.
Application: Rub together in hands and inhale while focusing on the affirmations.
Affirmation: I am accepting my unique gifts and talents now. I receive compliments, and my goodness expands daily. I trust myself to grow in positive ways. Every day I am getting better and better.

To Facilitate Letting Go
Oil Protocol: Blend 3 drops each frankincense and geranium with 2 drops each of myrrh and rose, 1 drop helichrysum and 1 teaspoon fractionated coconut oil.
Application: Dab on the forehead, neck and temples. Repeat regularly.
Affirmations: I am accepting changes as they come. I am focusing on the great things that lie ahead of me. I am letting past hurts stay in the past and focusing on forgiving myself and others.

For Healing Family Issues
Oil Protocol: Combine 4 drops each of basil, bergamot, fennel, lemon, rosemary, and siberian fir.
Application: Roll on the left shoulder front to back; apply two to three times a day a destructive pattern emerges, stating the affirmations below while applying.
Affirmation: I am safe. I create a safe and loving world. I am loved. I love and accept myself. I am comfortable changing my perceptions. I am free to be me.

To Strengthen Self-Worth
Oil Protocol: Blend 2 drops each bergamot, fennel, frankincense, geranium and ylang ylang
Application: Apply to the core of the body or the bottoms of the feet.
Affirmation: I love and accept myself. I am confident.

To Break Free of Patterns of Codependency
Oil Protocol: Blend 3 drops of a commercial massage blend (or make you own with basil, cypress, grapefruit, lavender, marjoram and peppermint), 3 drops of a respiratory blend (made with eucalyptus, laurel leaf, lemon, peppermint, and tea tree oil), and 3 drops each geranium and oregano.
Application: Dab on the forehead, around the ear, on the back of the neck, and along the throat. Massage 2 to 3 drops on the top of each foot.
Affirmation: I allow myself to grow beyond my family patterns. I am free to be me. I deserve it. I take responsibility for my life. I am a strong, capable person

To Promote Gratitude and Joy
Oil Protocol: Blend 4 drops bergamot, 3 drops wild orange, 2 drops rose, and 2 drops siberian fir with 1 tablespoon fractionated coconut oil.
Application: Apply to bones behind ears. Put in hands, rub together and then inhale.
Affirmations: I am grateful. I fill my mind with heartwarming thoughts of gratitude. I allow joy to fill my entire being. I am taking the steps I need to take to be grateful and happy in my mind, mood, and thoughts.

To Be Willing to See the Truth
Oil Protocol: Blend 4 drops lemon, 3 drops ylang ylang, and 2 drops basil.
Application: Apply to the bones behind the ears and on the back of the neck.
Affirmation: I am willing to see the truth. I see myself through loving eyes.

To Release Grief
Oil Protocol: Blend 25 drops bergamot, 15 drops Roman chamomile, 7 drops cypress, and 6 drops marjoram..
Application: Pour 5 to 7 drops of blend into a water diffuser or attach the whole mixture to the side of a waterless diffuser, such as an Aroma-Ace® Diffuser. Run your diffuser for 15 minutes per hour when home.
Affirmation: I understand that grief is natural and I am letting it flow through me as appropriate. I am focusing on a future of love and acceptance and I know that it is okay to feel my feelings.

To Release the Ego and Accept Ourselves and Others
Oil Protocol: Blend 3 drop cypress, 3 drops frankincense, and 2 drops lavender.
Application: Apply to forehead and neck.
Affirmations: I release my fears. I am safe. I allow others and myself to be wrong. I fully accept myself and others. I understand I’m perfect exactly the way that I am.

To Relieve Emotional Trauma
Oil Protocol: Combine 4 drops each in a roller bottle: cilantro, coriander, frankincense, helichrysum, vetiver, white fir, and wild orange.
Application: Apply to lower back and outside of ankles in an upward motion.
Affirmation: I am allowed to be healthy. I heal rapidly and immediately. My body is whole and complete. I trust myself to take care of myself. I am rapidly recovering, and every day I create positive feelings I am comfortable with.

To Relieve Anger
Oil Protocol: Blend 3 drops each black pepper, geranium, melissa, and wild orange.
Application: Apply to the throat, sternum and bottoms of the feet morning and night.
Affirmation: I manage my emotions with ease and understanding. I am confident in my ability to remain calm and peaceful at all times.

To Facilitate Powerful Change
Oil Protocol: Blend 4 drops helichrysum, 3 drops Roman chamomile, 3 drops sandalwood, and 2 drops lavender.
Application: Rub around your core and sternum.
Affirmation: I enthusiastically go with the flow. I embrace positive change in my life.