Essential Oils: How Much and How Often?

One day when my son was younger, he wasn't feeling very well and had to stay home from school. We had doTERRA's On Guard essential oil blend, which was developed as a protective blend. He decided that he was going to use this, so he opened the bottle up and within 1 hour, he had emptied the entire bottle! Between rubbing it on his feet, diffusing it, and taking it internally, the whole bottle was gone and he was downstairs asking me for another one! Needless to say, he started feeling better, but could he have had the same effect while using less? Well, it turns out, with high-quality essential oils, less is always more!

When using essential oils topically, two to four drops is recommended. Adults should try an initial application of three to four drops on each foot or on the site of discomfort, aches, soreness, or distress (for example, apply to the core of the body for digestive issues). Because they are natural and harmless, you can always add more in ten to fifteen minutes. Adults can also try ingesting a capsule of three to four drops and waiting ten minutes before adding more to allow relief to take place.

For chronic or serious seasonal or environmental threat recovery, use oils every three to four hours, applying to feet or ingesting, and continue for four to five days after symptoms totally leave. As you use the oils more often, you will develop an understanding of their effectiveness and trust yourself to experiment and keep you feeling good. Many people report that they benefit best when consuming lots and lots of water to facilitate removal of the debris the oils free up. Deep breathing is also helpful, as it releases toxins from the lungs and stimulates activity in the lower lobes of the lungs. Use inhalers prepared with essential oils to increase energy and motivate the positive changes you have chosen to implement.

And always remember that less is more!

With love, 

Rebecca Hintze

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