How to Embrace Success

After a whirlwind of travel, and with another week of flights and workshops ahead of me, I settled into my plane seat and complained via text to my friend, Hayley Hobson, about how exhausted I felt. She replied, “Well, then, tell yourself another story! Tell yourself you aren’t exhausted.”

I was a little perplexed at first, but then I decided to do just what she said. I started telling myself that I wasn’t exhausted. Instead, I told myself I was excited and motivated about the next day’s business meetings. I told myself I was looking forward to learning new things and meeting new people. In my mind, I pictured how the day would play out. Soon, I found that I really didn’t feel tired anymore. In fact, I felt somewhat energized.

I became a believer in this mantra to trust that you have what it takes to get it done, and change the story if you find yourself feeling otherwise.

How do you do that? How do you change your mindset to one that promotes success?

Here are eight things to embrace to get you started.

1. Embrace a different story. 

If you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, or paralyzed by fear that you are going to fail, it is because that is the story you are telling yourself. To be successful, you have to change the inner story that runs subconsciously in the background. Tell yourself a different story—one that says you are successful, you aren’t afraid, and you’re not too tired to make it through another day. 

2. Embrace abundance.

An important part of rewriting your story is analyzing the things you think about frequently and ditching any thoughts that focus on what you don’t have. Instead, focus on the things you do have. It’s amazing what happens when you start making a physical or mental list of everything you have to be grateful for. Even if you don’t have “the best” or “the most” of something, once you start listing what you do have, you’ll likely be overcome with the abundance of it all. 

3. Embrace others’ successes.

After you embrace abundance, one of the things you’ll likely realize is that there truly is an abundance of most things in life—including success! There is enough to go around. That means there is plenty for you and plenty for those you work with. Congratulate others on their successes. Be happy and celebrate with them. Their successes do not minimize or take away from your own.

4. Embrace a long-term plan. 

In addition to having a list of daily or short-term goals, make a long-term plan for your life. Then, when you make short-term goals, ask yourself how accomplishing that specific goal will help you reach the end of your long-term plan. If the smaller goal detracts from the long-term plan, consider changing that goal. 

5. Embrace your inner voice.

The gut—your inner voice—is rarely wrong. If you feel in your gut that you need to do something, do it. And right away. Don’t overthink and re-think and get stuck in the rumination process. If your gut tells you something is the right thing to do, do it right then and there.

6. Embrace your mistakes.

 . . . and then move forward. Think about what you can learn from the mistakes you make. And remind yourself that you’ll not make the same mistake again because you’ve learned what happens when you do and you know what steps got you there. 

7. Embrace positivity. 

A negative attitude is often the most insurmountable barrier to success. It promotes fear and comparisons. In addition to telling yourself a different, more positive story, embrace all that is positive in life. This might mean cutting down on the amount of news you take in, staying off social media if it’s causing you to make debilitating comparisons, listening to uplifting music or podcasts, reading motivational books or blogs, and practicing healthy habits that promote a positive attitude—like yoga or meditation.

8. Embrace curiosity.

Don’t ever stop learning. If you’re curious about the way something works or why something tastes so fabulous or how to make or create something beautiful, feed that curiosity. It is never too late to learn a new skill or open your mind to new ideas. 

Essential Oil Tips

As you embrace telling a new story, consider adding a few affirmations—paired with an essential oil blend—to your daily routine. 

Here are three to try:

Positivity blend and affirmation—combine 6 drops cardamom, 10 drops grapefruit, and 10 drops lemon in a 10 mL roller bottle. Top off bottle with your favorite carrier oil. Roll the blend over your pulse points and inhale deeply before and after repeating out loud this affirmation: “I am in charge of who I am today, and I choose positivity.”

Focus-on-success blend and affirmation—diffuse 3 drops each rosemary, peppermint, and lemon as you prepare for the day. Before leaving the house (or starting a project at home), stand in front of a mirror and repeat this affirmation out loud: “I have a singular focus. I am present. I am approaching my day with clarity and energy.”  

Relaxing blend and affirmation—diffuse 3 drops each lavender, lime, and green mandarin at the end of the day. Practice some deep breathing and fully drop or relax your shoulders while repeating out loud this affirmation: “I am at peace with myself.” 

Best Wishes, 
Rebecca Hintze 

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